Meet Tiffany Therafit Sandal

Guest Review Therafit Sandals: Kasey I love having guest reviewers on my site. Today’s guest review is by Kasey. She loved the opportunity to try out the new Sandals from Therafit. Kasey was able to review the Tiffany Black sandal. Here’s what Kasey had to say: At first my feet hurt just a bit wearing […]

Tai Design Safety Scarf

  Guest Review: Jake – state employee, husband and father of a 17 month old in WI. Tai Design Safety Scarf CUSTOM MADE Safety Scarf A contemporary, chic scarf, cowl, neck-warmer that’s safe for your little one As new, first-time parents living in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, my wife and I are always looking […]

sibu Beauty and Omega 7

sibu Beauty and Omega 7 So what is all the buzz around Omega 7 fatty acids? I’m not a health expert so I can’t give you the expert answer. However, I have heard just how beneficial Omega 7 can be for hair, skin, nails, cardiovascular health, weight management and many other health benefits! Here’s the […]

New Yoplait Frozen Yogurt and Yogurt Bars

Three out of the four of my kids all have a dairy sensitivity. It’s really the worst with ice cream. It’s not like the typical digestion sensitivity. It’s an upper respiratory thing. Long story short…it’s a big bummer because most kids love ice cream and my kids usually have to do without. They go to […]

Digital Bathroom Scale by EatSmart

Digital Bathroom Scale Could a new digital bathroom scale help you in the new year? The New Year usually brings with it some New Year’s Resolutions. The typical resolutions are to eat healthier, lose weight, get fit, etc. Are any of those on your resolution list? If so, having a nice Digital Bathroom Scale to track […]

Buying Prescription Glasses Online

Prescription Glasses Online I, luckily, do not need prescription glasses yet. My optometrist says that my time is coming but that I still have at least a few more years. Only one of our kids needs glasses so I’m pretty new to shopping around for the best deals and definitely wasn’t sure about buying prescription […]

Ladybug Bedding from Sweet Jojo Designs

Ladybug Bedding My youngest daughter loves ladybugs. In fact, when she was younger, she dressed up as a ladybug for Halloween several years in a row. One of her nick names is even bug. So when she said that she wanted ladybug bedding, I really wasn’t very surprised. It was time for new bedding anyway […]

DaVinci Charms from Coppins Gifts

DaVinci Charms DaVinci Charms and Bracelet Review – When my kids were babies, it was really hard to wear jewelry. They’d usually pull and tug at anything I’d put on. It wasn’t worth getting all of my pretty things broken. And to be honest, back in those “baby days” I barely got out of my […]

Kidz Gear Kids Headphones

I know it’s the day and age but it drives me nuts sometimes to have my kids constantly having their headphones on…not that they have their headphones on so much but that they have them on SO loud that they can’t even hear me. I’m sure there has to be studies done about how hearing […]

Kids Sewing Machine Perfect for Little Crafters

My girls are very much into arts and crafts. They LOVE doing anything and everything crafty! More so than me even I’m afraid. 😉 When I saw this sewing machine on the HearthSong website knew I had to get it for them. Especially my Abbie because she is so much into designing her own clothing. […]