MG Weight loss to Go – WIN $100 in Amazon

Any kind of weight loss is not an easy process. Especially as you get older. My metabolism is zilch so it always feels like I’m going no where. It helps to get great supplements to help in your weight loss journey. If you’re trying to lose a few pounds or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, […]

MG Gift Card Rescue

Gift Card Rescue I discovered Gift Card Rescue and love it! I love shopping online and when you can buy a discounted gift card to the store you’re going to shop at, you can save yourself some money. So why not?! All you have to do is remember to check to see if there’s a […]

MG MoGo Mouth Guards

MoGo Mouth Guards If you have athletic kids, you’ll love this week’s sponsor. My youngest son is into sports. He’d be in all of them if he had time and if the schedule allowed. Last year he was in flag football and I bought him a mouth guard. He never used it after the first […]

MG Coupon Chief 4/30

About Our Sponsor How many of us shop online now a days? I know I do. I love shopping online from the comfort of my home. So much easier when I don’t have to drag all the kids out shopping with me. But what about coupons? Coupon Chief has that covered! You can head to […]

MG Woolzies Enter to WIN 3 Sets of Woolzies Dryer Balls

How would you like to cut down on the time your dryer runs? How about how much you spend on fabric sheets and fabric softener? Sounds good to me!! With Woolzies, you can do just that! Check out our sponsor this week and the awesome prizes that you and a friend can WIN!! About Our […]

MG Enter to WIN Omega Fish Oil

Fish Oil I just came back from a Homeschool conference where I got to attend some great sessions. I learned so much. One thing that immediately come to my mind is how important Fish Oil and DHA is to us. Our kids and ourselves! In children, studies have found that kids who have low levels […]

MG 5 Star Concepts 4/16

  About Our Sponsor 5 STAR concepts is an organization whose mission is to help others become extraordinary.  Through our online webinars, seminars and retreats we work with individuals with a desire for personal development and growth. Through the 5 STAR Concepts processes, you will begin to break down the barriers and attitudes that are currently holding […]

MG Little Pim 4/16

I had a chance to review the Little Pim Spanish program and its great. This is a great Mission Giveaway this week! Don’t miss it. One for you and one to pay it forward to a friend. About Our Sponsor Little Pim is a foreign language learning company that introduces children between the ages of 0 and […]

MG DNA Renewal SkinCare 4/9

Skincare is so so important. Especially as we start aging! I have gone through so many different lines of skincare throughout the years only to find that I need to keep updating as my skin changes. Take a look at what our sponsor is offering this week. What an amazing prize for you and a […]

MG Enter to WIN a 3 mo Conscious Box Subscription x2

Subscribe to Conscious Box Discover the best products on the planet… every month! For April, Conscious Box is presenting its very special Earth Day box! Inside, you’ll find incredible products that help you lighten your carbon footprint and better show your love for Mother Earth. From healthy, sustainable snacks to ultra-conscious home products, the April […]