DaVinci Charms from Coppins Gifts

DaVinci Charms DaVinci Charms and Bracelet Review – When my kids were babies, it was really hard to wear jewelry. They’d usually pull and tug at anything I’d put on. It wasn’t worth getting all of my pretty things broken. And to be honest, back in those “baby days” I barely got out of my […]

Yummy Healthy Snacks with NatureBox

Looking for Healthy Snacks? NatureBox has yummy, healthy snacks. I received my NatureBox last week and I was eager to see what was inside. My kids are a little skeptical of healthy snacks so I have to be cautious. I was pleasantly surprised at the different options that came in the box. They sent me a […]

Matchbox and Hot Wheels for Christmas

When you think of toys for boys, what two brand names come to mind? For me, it would definitely be Matchbox and Hot Wheels! They have been around forever and are still household names when it comes to top toys! One of the best parts of being a “mommy blogger” is getting to review products […]

FurReal Happy To See Me Pup is too cute!

FurReal Happy To See Me Pup This FurReal Happy To See Me Pup is really just too cute! My girls just love anything FurReal. We have 2 FurReal kitties (one big and one small) and even some of the Snuggimals. When we got a chance to review the FURREAL FRIENDS BOUNCY MY HAPPY-TO-SEE-ME PUP, I […]

HAAN SI75 Handheld Steam Cleaner AND Steam Mop

Busy moms need the best, most efficient products. Especially when it comes to cleaning. I’m not a big fan of cleaning but I hate having a dirty house. So for me, I need products that are easy to use, efficient and the more things it does the better! That is what the HAAN Power & […]

Beautiful Canvas Prints Perfect for Gift Giving

  I love giving pictures for gifts. Especially for the grandparents when you don’t know what else to get them. They already have everything so why not give them a picture of their grandkids?! Even better is Canvas Prints of their grandkids. Take a look at the Canvas I got from Printcopia. This one is […]

Think Hip Fusion Designs for Beautiful Jewelry Gifts

I think most women love jewelry right? I love buying jewelry as gifts because most everyone loves it! Can’t go wrong really. I have had the pleasure of working with Hip Fusion Designs for awhile now and I absolutely love everything she offers. Such great, custom, quality and even one of a kind designs. So […]

Toy Gift Ideas: Orbeez, Color Splasherz, Xploderz

With so many Toys out on the market, it’s hard to know what to buy for our kids. Obviously the Holidays are coming up so it’s time to start getting your lists together. Take a look at 3 great toys below from the Maya Group. Orbeez Lady Bug Scooper My 8 yr old daughter pointed […]

Comfy Sacks Lounger More than a Giant Bean Bag

My Comfy Sack has arrived!! I was really wondering how they would ship this thing seeing as it’s 7.5′ long and filled with stuffing! It all arrived in one big, very heavy box. 😉 The stuffing was vacuum packed so it all was in a big rectangle cube. The kids helped me out by carefully […]

Protecting Kids on the Internet with Kids Email

Protecting kids on the Internet is really important to me. Like many of you, I’m just a mom who wants to give my kids access to technology but my number 1 priority is to protect them. Last year for one of our Homeschool group meetings, a detective came and spoke about the dangers of having […]