So You’re Thinking About Starting a Blog?

Have you ever thought of starting a blog?

Maybe we should start with what is a blog anyway. Here’s the technical definition.

Blog – A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.

If you’re like me, you’re a fan of a lot of different blogs on Facebook. You may look at them and say, “I can do that…that looks easy.” I guess ‘easy’ is relative depending on how much experience you have with all things web related. You’re going to start hearing words like, HTML, backlinks, do follow, no follow, SEO, domain, domain name, hosting, ftp, jpg, meta tag and MORE! eeeeeks!

Did you know a lot of those terms already? Nice! Then you’re a step ahead of the rest. Don’t worry if you don’t know them. You learn quickly! 😉

So let’s back up. When I first had that thought of, “I can do that…that looks easy,” there’s a few things that I wished I would have planned out a little better. I’m sure there’s a lot of things actually but over the next few weeks, I’m going to share a few tips that I’ve learned since I started blogging.

Here’s tip #1 if you’re thinking of starting a blog.

1. Decide on a Category or Niche for your blog. What is it that you actually want to blog about? In my world of blogging, there are a few different categories that come to mind. Here are a few examples: mommy, deal, review & giveaway, fashion, travel, business, politics, photography etc etc etc. Are you passionate about something, are you looking to just have a place to write and share your knowledge/opinions? Figure out what exactly it is that you want to blog about.

Not saying that you have to just pick one but if you have a clear understanding of what you want your blog to be about, you’ll have an easier time starting out.

The first blog I started is Slop Swap. Most people hear the name and give me a funny look. So then I explain that I started Slop Swap to share recipes. It was going to be a place that my friends and I could go to “swap” recipes…and what’s another word for food – “slop.” And Slop Swap was created.

Then I decided to add coupons…then deals…then reviews…and giveaways…and hey, I could even talk about my adventures in homeschooling. Yikes! It became even tougher to explain or describe what Slop Swap was all about. Then I had this fabulous idea to start a new blog where I would be able to incorporate more. Slop Swap went back to recipes and Mommy Needs Her Coffee was created. What was I thinking having 2 blogs! 😉

My point being, that if I took more time to really figure out what I wanted to blog about, I might have been able to get it right with one blog vs. two. However, having said that, I do enjoy having both of the blogs and I don’t mind that they each have their own niches. It’s given me a bit more focus on what each blog is about.

Did I get you thinking?

Tune in next week on Blogger Tip Thursday to see my next tip to starting a blog.


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