Owl Always Love You Personlized Storybook for Kids

Disclosure: I recieved this book to review in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are completely my own.

My kids love personalized items, like books. Something made just for them makes them feel even more special than they already feel. The Owl Always Love You storybook from flattenme.com gives little kids the perfect book that includes their name on the cover and throughout the story.

Owl Always Love You

A little about flattenme from their website.

All stories have a beginning. This is ours.

Years ago, my husband caught our daughter on film eating a gobstopper – 15 photos taken over 24 minutes and 10 seconds. The photos were arranged in a book and given to my daughter as a special gift. It was love at first sight. My daughter slept with it, ate with it, took it on road trips. Love-worn and long-admired, the book slowly fell apart, just like the fur on the Velveteen Rabbit.

Our lives are defined by stories – stories of childhood, of triumph, of loss. Even wild stories of the imagination. When a child pretends to be a pirate or a princess or a fairy, she truly believes she has changed, become part of a different world for that moment in time. She has invented a new story of her own.

It is in this world – one of imagination, inspiration and gifts of the heart – in which flattenme was born. We seek not only to spark the imagination of a child, but to take a story which starts as a moment in time – a photograph – and then becomes something entirely new.

So, storytelling first. And then, what? Wonderment and delight is not the sole domain of children. We all have the chance to find magic within ourselves, allowing our own stories to unfold. As Arthur Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Stay tuned.

Our Owl Always Love You Storybook Review

My daughter loves anything with her name on it. Seriously. Whether it is a placemat, sweatshirt, books or waterbottle, my daughter has to have her name on it. That’s why when we were asked to review the Owl Always Love You storybook from flattenme.com we gladly accepted.

The book itself is hardback and is very sturdy. My daughters name is on the front of the book and is used throughout the Owl Always Love You poem. She gets so excited everytime her name is mentioned in the book, that she starts jumping up and down. It is so adorable how excited she gets over this book. We read it before storytime and then again before bed. Sometimes, she even sneaks it in when she wakes up and we read it again. 😉

Such a great idea to use children’s names in books and to make them personalized because children absolutely love anything about themselves.

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