Mache Homeschool Conference

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Mache Homeschool Conference

I just attended my first homeschool conference, Mache. It’s held yearly in Minnesota. There are different locations in Minnesota each year but this year it was in Rochester, MN. I’ve been  homeschooling for 8 years but had never attended. I had heard great things about the conference but the thought of going had always overwhelmed me. A good friend and mentor asked if I wanted to go this year so I decided to jump in. I’m sure glad I did.

Mache is just the motivation that I needed to finish off my homeschool year. Not only that, but I found so many great curriculum choices and awesome homeschool speakers. The whole conference was amazing! I’m actually going a whole new direction with my curriculum this year. For 8 years, I have pretty much done the same thing and now I’m finally feeling confident enough to branch out and try new things.

I’m not doing “out of the box” anymore. I’m switching to eclectic…grabbing here and there for all subjects. Here are a few of my favorites that I discovered at the conference:

Math we’ll be going with teaching textbooks. They start at grade 3..but with having done abeka, my kids will probably test out of a couple grades.

History, we’re just going to follow a time line of events from creation to current day and read “living” books pertaining to that time period.

Science, I’m going to go with Apologia. Haven’t looked much into it other than have heard amazing things.

Writing – heard a great speaker from Institute for Excellence in Writing. So I’m going to go with this teaching method and then get the curriculum for later years. Probably will start my oldest in it. (you don’t necessarily teach grammar, etc until high school years but instead encourage creative writing…they’ll learn grammar through reading, etc. If you harp on grammar, they may hate the writing process)

I bought an incredible character building program from Doorposts. Very excited about that. It’s not a staple but character building is so important.

I also bought some logical thinking books…for problem solving skills, etc.

Foreign Language (for high school requirement) Rosetta stone has a homeschool option…will look into that next year maybe for Dylan. High schoolers need 2 years.

Health – will probably use what I have from Abeka or just “living books” from the library.

There were so many great speakers at the conference…Diana Warring was one of my favorites. Plus Dianne Craft who spoke about ADD/learning disabilities, etc. If you have a chance to see either of these women speak or read their books, I’d recommend it. So helpful and great information!

These are just some of my notes from the conference. I’m excited to dig in at the beginning of next year and finish off this year on a good note! If you have a chance to attend a conference like the Mache Homeschool Conference, I hope you do. It’s such a great opportunity!


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