How To Blue Kangaroo

Are you a visual learner?

Check out either the below video to help walk you through. Or scroll down and check out some screenshots if you want a quick read.

NOTE: The video says you have to create a user board to win the prizes, but this is not correct. Only create a user board if you want to win the Job! To win other prizes, you simply have to sign up at Blue Kangaroo and then Share out to friends 3 deals you’ve found on the site.

How to Sign Up with Blue Kangaroo

1. Click the blue Get Started button

Blue Kangaroo Get Started Button


2. Sign Up using either Facebook or your email and gender

Blue Kangaroo Sign Up Page

3. Check your settings and click the Save button

4. Check your email and click the URL to confirm your account

5. Choose a password


How to Find Deals

1. Click the Explore Tab Drop Down

Blue Kangaroo Explore Tab

2. Click one of the items in the drop down box (i.e. Beauty, Toys & Games, Daily Deals)

3. Choose some brands and product categories that you want Blue Kangaroo to follow for you (I chose Target, Groupon, and Coffee & Tea)

4. Blue Kangaroo scans the universe for your interests and puts the most tempting finds in the Feed tab

Blue Kangaroo Feed Tab


 How to Create a New Board

1. Click on the Following Tab

2. Click the blue +Add Button on the left side

Blue Kangaroo Add Button


3. Complete the information required on the Add Board page and click Save

Blue Kangaroo Add Board




How to Share Deals

1. Hover over a specific pin on your board and you will have the option to Share, Like or Comment.

Blue Kangaroo Pin Board

2. Click the pin on the pin board to open the deal and then choose to Like or Share via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blue Kangaroo or Email.

Blue Kangaroo Pin


3. If it’s a deal you love, click Get Offer to grab the deal!