Homeschool Tips Let Your Kids Learn What they Want

I belong to a great homeschool group that meets once per month. The kids get to take classes like World History, Science, Phy Ed, Art, etc. You do not have to sign them up for these classes but my kids love it so I do. They are in a big classroom and are excited to do something a little different with their day.

That’s not really my topic though. 😉 While the kids are in their classes, moms get together to fellowship and hear from great speakers on whatever topic it is that month and get some great homeschool tips. Last month, we had a woman speak who had been homeschooling for quite a long time. She hadn’t always wanted to homeschool but really felt that it was what God wanted her to do. So she listened.

She had a lot of great topics that she talked about. The one that I keep going back to is that we should let our kids learn what they want and when they want to learn it. Hmmm….what does that mean? Well it doesn’t mean that we throw out everything and only teach them what they want to learn. To me, this breaks down into 2 ideas…

  1. Let your kids learn what they want
  2. Let your kids learn when they want to learn it

First, have you ever asked your child or children what they want to learn about? If they are passionate about a subject, why shouldn’t we break the traditional schooling mold and teach them the subject at that point in time? Wouldn’t they be more likely to pay attention and learn if they’re really interested in it? Absolutely!

I did this with my kids the other day. Two of them had ideas. Faith, my 8 year old daughter, said she wanted to learn art. Easy enough…we’re going to incorporate more art projects and creativity time for her. My oldest, Dylan, wants to be a game developer when he grows up. No surprise there. So to help him do what he’s passionate about, I’m going to start exploring classes or things he can do now to prepare for the future. If a different subject has to take a back seat to allow for this extra work, that’s ok.

Now I’m not saying that we stop doing the basics like Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Those we still do but if you incorporate the subjects that they really want to learn about, they might actually develop a love for learning. With that love for learning, they’ll never want to stop.

The second point, is really knowing when is the right time for them to learn. In my eyes, if you try to teach them something before they’re ready to learn it, it won’t do anyone any good. Dylan has always been very intelligent. But I always struggled when trying to teach him to read. He just had no interest in it. So I stopped pushing. Then one day, he was ready and literally he was reading over night. And reading big thick books from cover to cover.

I remember my neighbor asking me what trick I had teaching Dylan to read. No trick, no special method…it happened when he was ready.

Give it a try with your kids. You might be surprised.



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  1. First, I think that it is awesome that you took a break and your son picked up reading in his own due time. Sometime,s I think we over push and over stimulate which just leads to the child shutting down on the subject and becoming overly frustrated. I also couldn’t agree more why not explore areas they are truly interested in. Lots of great points here.

  2. I love the idea of letting kids choose their own path, with us guiding them. My children are still small, but I like to encourage them to learn about topics that interest them, be it monkeys or robots. Thanks for the great tips!

  3. Michelle Cantu says:

    Great tip, I have been overwhelmed lately with all of my duties that I have stressed about this. I see my son do things like read on his own, etc. I am motivated to let him take on his own direction when I get overwhelmed.

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