Homeschool Learning Out of the Box

Homeschool learning is so flexible…sometimes I have to remind myself though to think out of the box. In more ways than one actually. 😉

My curriculum is what they call out of the box. That means that all subjects and everything I need to teach all comes from the same place and all books come out of the same grade. This works well for me. I do substitute here and there but for the most part, I keep to the curriculum.

We were just at Disney World this week on vacation. So the kids technically missed some schoolwork. We will make that homework up over the next week or so but what I need to remember is how much they are learning out of the box.

Epcot alone has amazing culture and learning for the kids. We could do a whole week on all the different countries that are represented there. This is the best kind of learning because the kids don’t even realize they soaking in all of that great history. Trying to teach history from a text book can just not compare to hands on learning.

We also had a thrift sale before we left…the kids wanted to earn some money for the trip. So they went through all of their possessions and decided what they wanted to sell and what price to put on things. They also sat at the “check out” table and added up totals, took money and gave change. My girls even put up a kool aide stand and sold drinks and cookies. What better way to get some hands on math.

Just remember, out of the box is sometimes the best homeschool learning.

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  1. Terri Herman says:

    Eventhough I didn’t homeschool my children, I did make our trips educational by planning special activities, taking crafts to work on during rainy times, and visiting historic landmarks. I do feel that children learn all the time. Not just at school.

  2. Letting the kids be in charge of the yard sale is a brilliant way to help them learn money management. It’s a skill that so many people grow up and never learn.

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