Holiday Entertaining on a Budget

holiday entertaining on a budget

Holiday Entertaining on a Budget

I hate to say it but the Holidays are just around the corner. Summer is over and it’s never too early to start thinking about Holiday parties. Especially if you’d like to do Holiday Entertaining on a Budget. There are a lot of things that can blow your holiday budget out of the water. If you know what these things are, they can be avoided and your budget can remain intact.

What are some of those things?

Poor Planning

Plan your event early. If you don’t plan well enough, you may run around last minute purchasing food and things you may have been able to get on sale. On the other hand, spending too much time planning can also result in over spending. When you go over and over things, you second guess yourself. A lack of planning as well as too much planning are both bad for the budget.

If time is a huge concern for you, maybe consider getting catered food. I’d rather skip the food preparation and go straight for something like sandwich platters from Subway. Because my time is worth a lot. So if you’re like me, see if catering might fit into your budget to save yourself some time and even stress.

Unexpected Guests

When people show up unexpectedly at your party, it’s a strain on the budget you set. The best way to keep your guest list accurate is to include an RSVP on the invitation and be sure to word your invitation properly so the RSVP is taken seriously. If you have guests who haven’t responded, simply give them a call.

Some guests may think they can bring a plus one or their entire family. If there could be any confusion about who is invited, state the obvious. For instance, if you’re throwing a party for grownups only, make sure the invitation states that kids are not invited.

Shopping Fail

Once your party is planned, you’ll need to shop for food, decorations, gifts, and whatever you may need. Do some research ahead of time to look for the best sales and money saving ways you can keep within your budget. With all the coupons and sales, there’s no reason to over pay.

Holiday Entertaining on a budget can still give you and your guests an amazing party. Just make sure to do some great planning.

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