Do you have to have a teaching degree to homeschool?

Questions For a Homeschooling Mom Vol. 2

Last week we talked about Socialization. Continuing in our Homeschooling series, this week’s question is:

Do you have to have a teaching degree to Homeschool?

Answer: No.

I never known how to take this question. I try not to be offended. Maybe they think I’m not qualified to teach or they doubt themselves? Either way, you do NOT need to have a teaching degree to homeschool your children.

I will admit that I was overwhelmed at first by the thought of homeschooling. I didn’t know where to begin, where to look for curriculum and I wondered if I was really smart enough to teach my children. But if you really think about it, we teach our children day in, day out whether we are homeschooling them or not.

When they are little we sing to them, we read to them, we teach them how to tie their shoes. When we are climbing stairs we count as we walk up or down. We go on nature walks and talk about the trees, leaves and wildlife. How many of us have gone on family vacations to the Lincoln Memorial, Statue of Liberty, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon, etc.? What awesome learning experiences! These are all in the moment type examples but those are the best kind.

There are so many different ways that we teach our children each and every day that we probably don’t even realize it. They are little sponges. Even if your kids are pubic schooled, you are also teaching them when you sit down after school and help with their homework. You are a great teacher. Give yourself a pat on the back.

There are plenty of curriculum choices out there to support you in your homeschooling endeavor. We’ll talk about them in another post. Let’s just say with the right curriculum if I can homeschool without a teaching degree, you can too.



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