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homeschooling ideas

Today’s Feature Friday is about coming up with creative homeschooling ideas.

I’m not a homeschooling guru by any means but with the eight years that I’ve been homeschooling, I can usually share a tip or two. 🙂

When we started off the school year, I knew that I was going to have to come up with some different strategies to keep my kids on track, keep all of us from getting frustrated and keep me from getting overwhelmed. I now have 2 in 3rd grade, 1 in 5th and 1 in 8th. It’s a bit more to juggle.

This is the first year that the twins in 3rd grade are learning cursive. Faith and Caleb were both actually very excited to start cursive…that is until I actually got out the curriculum and started to teach it. They discovered quickly that cursive is NOT fun and it’s hard. They rebelled! So now what?

I had heard that some public schools were not even teaching it anymore so I wondered if they really needed to learn it. Is this a fight worth having with them everyday? Pick my battles right?! Well I asked around and the schools in our area are still teaching it and some things came up in conversation where it still made sense for me to teach cursive. Like having them be able to at least read cursive and sign their own name. If we can accomplish those two things, we’ll be on the right track.

So I ditched the cursive writing curriculum and came up with my own ideas.

1. I would start writing things in cursive so that they could start learning to read cursive. Spelling is a great time for this because I write their spelling words up on the dry erase board. I’ll first print it out and then write the word in cursive. That way they can see both versions and start learning to recognize how the letters are formed in cursive.

2. We have 2 giant dry erase boards. They LOVE to take the markers and draw. Well come to find out, they also like to practice cursive up on the dry erase board. Without me prompting them, they started writing their names in cursive and other common words. This is fun for them so they’ll practice and practice without getting frustrated.

Having the flexibility to put away their cursive writing text book has turned the experience around for them. They are still learning cursive but it’s without the frustration.

Whew! 😉


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  1. Great ideas! Although I’m not yet a mom, I do think parents need to be active parts in their child’s education, whether it be at home or otherwise.

    Also, dry erase boards are just fun. In my dream home I have one room with alllllll dry-erase walls.

  2. Great idea, Dawn! I always found that too much time was spent in school teaching us how to write cursive. It was even harder to learn when the teacher wouldn’t write in cursive and only showed us brief examples. I’m a fan of the dry erase board idea, less paper wasted!

  3. What great ideas! I love that helping them learn in cursive will help them learn cursive! So simple but such a great idea.

  4. We love the dry erase boards and use for to “play school” practice handwriting and even do math. The girls also enjoy the time it gives them to color over and over again.

  5. I love reading all of your homeschooling tips and tricks. Dry Erase boards really help with creativity!

  6. Another fun way to do cursive is take pie plates and put flour in them. You can let the kids write in them.

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