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There are a lot of WP Plugins that you can add to your blog to make blogging a bit easier for you. A lot of bells and whistles that can be added. But where do you start, how do you pick the right ones, etc?

This is not going to be a full list of WordPress Plugins or even MUST use plug ns. More, here are some of the WP plug ins that I use and have found really helpful to my blog…what I consider some of the best WP Plugins My one big recommendation with plug ins is use them sparingly. Add too many and it will do more harm than good by slowing down your site, hurting the user experience or creating errors when trying to update your blog. Not fun but yes, I’ve been there.

Broken Link Checker – I don’t see other blogs using this often or rather I don’t see this one added to the Top WP Plugins but I love it. I use it daily. What it does is check for broken links on your blog. Sometimes links, for whatever reason, go bad. Meaning, the link once went to a live page but now it’s dead and gets a 404 error or something similar. It will also catch links that have been entered wrong. Having a bad link is not only bad for the user experience but also bad when Google ‘crawls’ your site for search engine reasons. You don’t want google to be finding a lot of broken links.

CommentLuv+ – This is a great plug in that combines several plug ins. Including GASP which is for taking care of spam. Without a spam blocker, your site will be overrun with spam comments…and not so very nice links. It is not fun to try to get rid of 100s of spam comments. It also has the premium version of commentluv. Which encourages readers to comment on your site. This is a good thing. πŸ™‚ It is a paid plug in but worth it.

Easy Advertisement Insert – This one is very helpful if you want to monetize your blog with Google Adsense. Knowing where and how to enter Adsense code can be tricky. This plug in let’s you know where the ad will be placed so you can place the code in the correct spots.

Fast Secure Contact Form – Having a way for your readers or possible PR contacts to contact you is a must. This is the contact form that I use. It’s very easy to set up and install.

Genesis Simple Edits and Genesis Simple Hooks
– These are 2 great plug ins when trying to figure out what and where to edit in the Genesis Theme. If you don’t know your way around coding, these plug ins come in real handy.

NoFollow Link – The difference between ‘no follow’ and ‘do follow’ can really be it’s own topic. For now, I’m going to assume that you have a basic understanding of each. All links start out as ‘do follow.’ If you want to make them ‘no follow’ you have to enter a code in the html. An easy way to do this is with this plug in. You just double click on the link you want to make ‘no follow,’ hit the stop sign button on your tool bar and it adds the no follow code.

SharePress – this is not a free plug in but one that I find valuable. If you do a lot of posting to your social media sites, ie Facebook, Twitter, G+, this is a great plug in for you and worth the investment. It automatically shares to the social media sites you set up as well as offers re-sharing.

ShareThis – I’ve tried several different plug ins for sharing and I think I like this one the best. You need a plug in to add social sharing buttons to your posts…this allows your readers to share your posts to their social media sites. Very valuable too and will help you grow your readership.

Shopper’s Haul Coupon Plug in
– This one is a paid plug in but if you’re a deal or coupon blogger, this one is so worth the money. It automatically pulls coupons from and posts them on your site as soon as they are released. Amazing plug in!

WordPress SEO – aka Yoast. Hands down probably the best plug in. SEO is very important and Yoast helps you optimize. It has so many other features too. I originally got it to help with permalink redirects. This plug in does so much, more than I can explain. πŸ™‚ Look it up, you’ll be glad you did.

WP HTTP Compression and WP Super Cache – The more you blog, the more pictures you add, the more widgets and plug ins you install, etc. the slower your site becomes. Having a couple of plug ins to help with this issue is a good thing. That’s what both of these do.

Yet Another Related Post – This one is not necessary but if you have room for it, I like it. It lists related posts at the bottom of each post. So if the reader doesn’t necessarily find the post that they are on useful, they can maybe find a different one on the related posts list. This keeps them on your page just a little bit longer. The longer you can get them to hang out, the more likely they are to like what they see and keep coming back.

Not a complete list of all that are out there but definitely ones that I have found useful to me. If you have other great plug in suggestions, feel free to list them in the comments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Dawn, I will have to check out the link checker. I am still so new with word press.

  2. Jennifer Billy says:

    Great list. I use most of them myself. Love the Yoast plugin. Has really helped me a lot!

  3. This is a great list of plugins for wordpress users! You listed ones that I didn’t know about and can’t wait to try out! Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. Great list! I will have to check out WP HTTP Compression and WP Super Cache.

  5. Great blog post! Thanks for sharing, some of these I didn’t have installed.

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