Blogger or WordPress Tips for Starting a Blog #4

After you figure out what you want to blog about and you’ve looked into domain names, now you might want to start thinking about Blogger or WordPress. Both are platforms that you can use to run your blogsite.

When I started, these were both greek to me. I was lucky enough to have a husband who is a programmer and website developer. He chose WordPress for me and set up my site. I didn’t really even know about blogger until I started working with other bloggers who use it.

Both platforms do have a free version that you can use. I don’t often see bloggers using the free WordPress. Many more choose Blogger if they’re looking for a free platform. It’s fairly easy to set up, there’s no fees involved and you can get onto your writing. However, a lot, and maybe even most, that start out with Blogger will switch to a self hosted WordPress site eventually.

This to me is really worth some thought before you choose Blogger or WordPress. Moving later doesn’t have to be a pain but it certainly can be. Think through what you want to do with your blog, where you want to go with it, etc before making the choice. If you think you are at some point going to want to monetize your blog or you really want to keep growing it down the road, I would start with a self hosted WordPress site right from the start.

I have seen bloggers lose out on offers and/or advertising from companies because the company has set restrictions and will not use Blogger or Blogspot sites.

Yes, there are costs with using a self hosted site but it might be worth investing in your site right from the beginning. Especially if you’re looking to establish your brand.



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